The publication of this Anthology coincides with the 10th anniversary of COMPAS. Edited by Professor Bridget Anderson and Professor Michael Keith, entries include work of our staff, past and present, as well as contributions from scholars who have collaborated with and/or been admired by the COMPAS team.

Contributors were free to write about any subject: some have extemporized, others have outlined and described. In this way we hope to have captured a transformative moment that is contemporary and forward looking. Contributions were not written against the organising themes, such as ‘Troubling bodies’ or ‘Keeping Time’. The  structure, as can be seen in ‘Explore‘, has arisen from the pieces. Many pieces could fit under more than one heading, and the headings themselves are interrelated.

This anthology does not aspire to be a synthetic overview of migration research today, nor to provide a comprehensive range of geographical or theoretical perspectives. It is published online (although a limited number of conventional books are available), so that it might work as both an intervention and a resource that we hope will grow over time.

We have combined academic writing with a selection of  images from annual COMPAS photography competitions, and selected poems drawn from poetry competitions for adults and children. We hope that as well as a resource for teaching and research, the anthology will serve as a provocation.



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