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Author, N. (2014), ‘Brilliant and useful piece of writing on migration’, Migration: A COMPAS Anthology, B. Anderson and M. Keith (eds.), COMPAS: Oxford.

Routes and Readings out of this Anthology

Alongside the contributions made to this Anthology, and in addition to the huge body of work produced by its contributors, we decided to provide a bibliographic supplement for readers wishing to read in further depth about the topics covered.

We hope to help readers who are interested in developing interests both looking back at the growing body of migration studies scholarship that accumulates in the rear view mirror of history and forwards to the challenge of future research agendas. We are attempting to offer eclectic bibliographic trails, arranged by the sub-headings of the volume as a whole.

Included are a number of pieces that are landmarks in migration studies. Organising them in this way, is we hope helpful in rethinking their ongoing relevance to new theoretical debates and emergent research agendas.

You will also find a list of films and books that tackle the issue of migration. It is by no means a comprehensive list but we hope it will grow over time so do feel free to contribute suggestions.

We have attempted to include a disproportionate number of contributions of work from colleagues and researchers past and present at COMPAS in order to give a representative flavour of the much greater volume of scholarly publication over the last decade and in recognition of the support provided in this decade by the Economic and Social Research Council.

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